Headplay Mini HDMI Lead

What were the Headplay design engineers thinking???

The Headplay HD 7″ Headset picture looks absolutely stunning when fed with a HDMI source, but the lack of clearance with the connector shroud makes it impossible to use many of the common mini HDMI leads out there.… Read more...

EzUHF Receiver – Replacing a Broken SMA

Ripped the SMA antenna connector off your EzUHF receiver in a crash?

It probably looks like this on the solder side:


Components side:


Whilst the SMA jack fitted on this receiver has a narrow body, all is not lost, as you can most likely fit a wide body SMA jack in its place:


When purchasing PCB mount SMA “end launch” style connectors, be aware of the PCB thickness the connector is designed for.… Read more...

Headplay HD Push Button Wire Loom – Be Careful

Took delivery of a Headplay HD FPV headset, and not along after, took it apart.

As you do!

To help with splitting the two halves, hold the switch panel down with a finger or thumb whilst you separate the halves:


Inside – you can see the slot where the fresnel lens sits, halfway back towards the rear:


If you haven’t taken yours apart yet, something to be aware of when re-assembling:

Watch out for the wires, and make sure you don’t pinch the wires with the screw post on the other shell half.… Read more...