LC100-A LC Meter Mods

Apart from measuring regular capacitor and inductor parts, an LC100-A LC meter can be handy tool for measuring the inductance of your mini-quad motor windings, to determine if a particular motor has shorted turns or not.

To make the LC100 a bit more work bench friendly, a few modifications have been implemented.

7 – 15VDC Input Modification

The LC100-A expects …

FPV Camera Crystal Repairs

Board cameras used in FPV applications can be quite vulnerable, and sooner or later, through-hole leaded components can fatigue and break off with vibrations.

One of the most fragile components is the crystal.
(Standard designator for a crystal is ‘Y’)


This crystal, with one broken leg, will be moved to the other side of the PCB:

Move the …

How to Build an FPV Camera Shield

A “how to” build video for the FPV Camera Shield, so you can bang a set of five of these out in about 15 minutes.

Previously described:

🙂…

More Taranis Momentary Switches

One momentary switch not enough on your Taranis radio?

It’s very straightforward to fit different switches to the Taranis to suit your own requirements.

First, undo the Philips heads screws and separate the case:



I use switch SG as a 3-way centre off to reset timers 1 and 2, and a conventional toggle switch is just annoying.

For doing …

Headplay Mini HDMI Lead

What were the Headplay design engineers thinking???

The Headplay HD 7″ Headset picture looks absolutely stunning when fed with a HDMI source, but the lack of clearance with the connector shroud makes it impossible to use many of the common mini HDMI leads out there.

You’re going to need a mini HDMI plug within a very small molded body, and … Read more...

Headplay HD and Glasses

If you normally need to wear glasses, then rest assured, this is no problem with the Headplay HD 7″ headset.

Picture are worth 1,000 words.

It’s much easier to insert the glasses first, then put the whole thing up to your face, whilst putting the head strap over your head.


Temples slot in nicely between the foam padding pieces.… Read more...