More Taranis Momentary Switches

One momentary switch not enough on your Taranis radio?

It’s very straightforward to fit different switches to the Taranis to suit your own requirements.

First, undo the Philips heads screws and separate the case:



I use switch SG as a 3-way centre off to reset timers 1 and 2, and a conventional toggle switch is just annoying.… Read more...

EzUHF Receiver – Replacing a Broken SMA

Ripped the SMA antenna connector off your EzUHF receiver in a crash?

It probably looks like this on the solder side:


Components side:


Whilst the SMA jack fitted on this receiver has a narrow body, all is not lost, as you can most likely fit a wide body SMA jack in its place:


When purchasing PCB mount SMA “end launch” style connectors, be aware of the PCB thickness the connector is designed for.… Read more...