One momentary switch not enough on your Taranis radio?

It’s very straightforward to fit different switches to the Taranis to suit your own requirements.

First, undo the Philips heads screws and separate the case:



I use switch SG as a 3-way centre off to reset timers 1 and 2, and a conventional toggle switch is just annoying.

For doing this, it would be much better with a 3-way centre-off momentary toggle switch.


This centre-off SDPT toggle switch is from Altronics, and costs all of $2.90.

The original Taranis decorative nut will be retained.

Slide the heat shrink back on the original switch wires, de-solder the wires whilst making a note of the which colour goes to which pin, and remove heat shrink.


You could cut the wires off just before the switch, but I wanted to retain the full length of wire, and not cut them short.

Slide some small lengths of new heat shrink over the wires and solder, in the same sequence, to the new switch.

Heat the heat shrink for a nice finish.


Mount the new switch in place using the black locating spacer and semi-tighten the nut.


Refit the shell together, and tighten the nut up further.

(I use some needle nose pliers in the nut slots to tighten these up.)



It would be more aesthetically pleasing if the toggle switch had a flat actuator like the original, but operationally, this is not a problem.