Dumb Ideas!

LC100-A LC Meter Mods

Apart from measuring regular capacitor and inductor parts, an LC100-A LC meter can be handy tool for measuring the inductance of your mini-quad motor windings, to determine if a particular motor has shorted turns or not.

To make the LC100 a bit more work bench friendly, a few modifications have been implemented.

7 – 15VDC Input Modification

The LC100-A expects …

How to Build an FPV Camera Shield

A “how to” build video for the FPV Camera Shield, so you can bang a set of five of these out in about 15 minutes.

Previously described:

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5.8 GHz LNA for FPV Receiver

To increase 5.8 GHz FPV range and minimise receiver dropouts, a broadband microwave LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) is assembled and tested.

Whilst you could use a gain antenna like a helix, or quad patch antenna, extra antenna gain comes at the tradeoff of directivity.

The object here is keep using omni directional antnnas, whilst achieving more receiver gain.

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Improving FPV Camera Against Moisture

The typical board-type FPV camera is quite vulnerable, especially to moisture.

It only takes one blade of damp grass to get inside the frame, and will temporarily stop the camera from functioning properly.


Maggy Junior-500x500

To improve the board’s resistance to moisture getting across the SMD components, both sides of the PCB are covered with a protective lacquer.

Any well equipped electronics …

Organising Propellers

I was grouping Mini Quad propellers in zip lock plastic bags, but I’m now trying this idea.


Using some wing nuts and bolts lying around in the drawers, it keeps the same types of propellers grouped together.
You can instantly see how many of a particular colour/type you have :


Keeps them neatly organised in the multi-rotor field tool … Read more...