Here is a low cost ESC programming jig idea, for when you need to calibrate multiple ESCs in one hit.

Made in about 15 minutes, and doesn’t require sacrificing any leads.

This particular jig accommodates up to 6 ESCs for a hex or Y6, but you could make a 4, 6 or 8 ESC variant along the same lines.


Most electronics enthusiasts will have some Veroboard and tinned copper wire lying around.


Find something that is around 7 – 8 mm high. In this case I used a pencil lead case.

Cut around 1cm of TCW off, and solder.


Repeat for as many ESC as you want to accommodate, not forgetting the input port as well.

ie; in this case 6 + 1


We only need to parallel the GND and signal lines. Forget about the +V feed, as this is not required.


Trim solder side with side cutters.


To prevent any shorts, PVC electrical tape is applied around the board.


Seen here in real-world use. Programming 6 ESCs for a Y6.

The “input” lead goes to channel 3, the throttle channel, of the receiver.


If you already have some Veroboard and tinned copper wire lying around, all it will cost you is 15 minutes of your time!