Up until today, I have been using a piezo buzzer (AKA lost model buzzer) from NextFPV.

It was ok but not as loud as what I would have like, but it was still louder than another piezo I had tried previously.

In a quest to find an even louder beeper, a piezo buzzer Cat # S6109 $3.10 from the new Altronics store in Brisbane was purchased:


To suit the Naze32 FC board header, the piezo buzzer was terminated with two connector pins ratted off a servo lead.

Being a panel mount with holes in the mounting flange, it’s very easy to use some small cable ties to hold it in place around the Mini H Quad posts.


This mounting arrangement makes it very easy to remove and refit:


This piezo is much louder!

The flat rear also makes a great spot to mount the Bluetooth module with double-side tape:


Now I can loose the quad much farther away! 😉