Build: Y6

Y6 Assembly

Parts are trickling in for the Y6 build.

Being an aerial photography platform, a Wookong-M was chosen as the flight controller.
Despite the expense, the Wookong proved itself to be a solid and reliable FC for the other AP copter, the F550 build.

Receiver is an FrSky X8R S-Bus, again proven to be a great performer.
Other components include …

Titan Y6 Large camera mount kit

Today the Large camera mount kit, from Fortis Airframes, is being assembled.

Like the airframe itself, the camera mount is laser cut Delrin.

It actually hangs beneath the airframe.


The entire platform is isolated from the vibration of your multirotor by vinyl tubing.

At first glance this may seem like a weak connection, but it certainly is not.