Parts are trickling in for the Y6 build.

Being an aerial photography platform, a Wookong-M was chosen as the flight controller.
Despite the expense, the Wookong proved itself to be a solid and reliable FC for the other AP copter, the F550 build.

Receiver is an FrSky X8R S-Bus, again proven to be a great performer.
Other components include a DJI iOSD-Mini, FRSky FLVSS voltage telemetry unit, an FT952 32 Channel 5.8 GHz video transmitter, and Gemfan 11×55 T-Style carbon fibre propellers.


In another delivery, T-Motor MN-2212 920kV Navigator series motors, and T-Motor T25A 25A ESCs pre-programmed with SimonK firmware. Various motor spares, such as c-clips, shafts, and bearing were also purchased.



FT952 32 Channel 5.8 GHz video transmitter and a stubby 5.8 GHz cloverleaf antenna.

The iOSD-Mini and transmitter are both compact enough to mount on the same Fortis Airframes transmitter mast.

Wookong PMU (Power Management Unit) fits between the two plates that the arms attach to.
CAN-Bus lead going off to right will daisy chain to the iOSD-Mini.

Wookong IMU (Inertial Management Unit) is secured to the main deck using 3mm shock absorbing foam (featuring 3M adhesive tape). X8R receiver is held down with conventional double-sided tape.

Wookong MC (Main Controller) is then affixed to the X8R receiver.

Motors screwed to motor mount plates with M3 x 6 counter sunk bolts.
Also seen here are the silicon motor mount pads.

The clever design allows one motor can be secured to the carbon fibre arm with cable ties, then the other fits over the top.

With the motors mounted and a short length of motor wire running to the ESCs, we can make up a loom that feed volts to the pair of ESCs on that arm.

Wire for each arm are kept neat using T-Motor CP001 cable protector.

To eliminate the chance of knocking against the IMU, the junction of the three arm looms are kept away from the IMU using a large cable clamp.

ESC leads needed extending, and using S-Bus we have a surplus of short 3-wire leads available for this.

Stay tuned for more Y6 build posts!