Build: F550 Quad

Mirrorless Camera Mount

This is a home-brew tilt-stabilised light-weight camera mount, designed for a mirrorless class (400-500g) camera.

Tilt stabilisation is achieved using the Wookong-M’s gimbal control.


Not having the weight budget for it anyway, no attempt at roll stabilisation has been made, nor is it required in this (stills) camera platform, as the flight controller will maintain a level attitude whilst hovering.… Read more...

F550 Quad hover endurance test – Zippy LiPo

This video takes a look at another F550 hover endurance test, but this time with a Zippy Compact brand 3S 3300mAh LiPo battery.

* Time compressed, so you don’t sit through the entire xx minutes!

poster-hover-test-zippy

Carbon Fiber prop comparison

This video takes a look at the $65/pair T-Motor carbon fiber propellers for their Navigator series motors, vs a $23/pair Gemfan “T-Style” knockoffs.

As always, you get what you pay for?

poster_cf_props

T-Motor S25A ESC Throttle Calibration

This video takes a look at programming the throttle limits of a Tiger Motor S25A ESC on the bench, before fitting into a build.

These T-Motor ESCs, a relatively new release, come pre-flashed with “Genuine SimonK Fast Code” firmware.

S25A ESCs came from ReadyMadeRC.…