When you order props, you’d expect them to be the same?

Not so with Gemfan.


Four sets of Gemfan 11×55 T-Style propellers were ordered.

Three sets were the same, and one was not.

All came in identically labelled packaging, so a dealer could not be blamed for not noticing.


It’s not until you take them out of the packaging, and begin to balance them, that the differences become obvious.

(Click on images to see full-size)



The narrower (and slightly longer) props with the curved tip are the type of props you receive when ordering T-Style generics from Hobby King.

The wider props, three sets out of four, are the real “Gemfan” branded variants.   There was obviously a mix up in the factory.

The more expensive genuine T-Motor props do not come in a random manner like this.

As always, you get what you pay for! 🙁