This is quick look at the Sony 960H Effio-V 800TVL FPV camera (PAL version), and what you actually receive.

There are many positive reviews to be found on this camera, and it appears to have become the new fav with FPV flyers, replacing the PZ0420.

Purchased 23 November from, (but posted on December 1 -WTF?), it arrived on my door only 13 days later.


This variant has the board OSD interface:

The second version has the joystick type interface:


Using Pololu step-down and step-up regulators, it’s easy to achieve a regulated 12V rail from either a 3S or 4S LiPo battery, over the battery’s range from being fully charged to what’s considered as being depleted.

Pololu step-down converter:
These are a tiny and convenient way to get a regulated 5V rail.

Pololu step-up converter:
Convenient for converting the 5V up to a regulated 12V that the camera requires.