In the Tokyo burbs, Akihabara, also known as “Electric Town”, is heaven for ham radio shopping.

This district is also a Mecca for all sorts of electronics, PCs and gadgets, and attracts tourist from all over.

Make sure you have your physical passport on you to receive tourist tax discounts.

As always when in Japan, make sure you treat yourself to a ramen.  Yum!

Surprisingly, ham radio gear is quite cheap, relative to back in Australia.

Buying transceivers could be problematic in terms of warranty, and JA versions can have different frequency coverage and TX power outputs, so make sure you can modify them to suit your local requirements.  (There goes the warranty anyway!).

There’s less that can bite you on the ass with accessories.


Click on GoogleMap above for a larger version.


In this video, join Adam, VK4GHZ, as he takes a wander through the Rocket Amateur Radio store and Kotobuki Radio.