Behringer X1222USB Power Supply Failure – Fix

 Behringer X1222USB audio mixer Power Supply fails, again!

The SMPS modules fitted to these Behringer audio mixers are crap!

Fault symptoms include the appearance of no power to the mixer, except for the +48V LED being faintly lit when phantom power is turned on.


Adam explains what he did in this video:


D6, a HER303 ultra fast …

Eltek Flatpack2 HE 48V/2000W Controller

An Eltek Flatpack2 HE 48V/2000W rectifier is being used as the power supply for a 23cm 600W LDMOS Power Amplifier project.

This touchscreen controller has been developed to control the Flatpack2 HE 48V/2000W, and display its data.


Android Applications for Ham Radio

There are many ham radio orientated apps available from Google Play for your Android device, and I will be documenting a few of the apps I have found useful here.


This is an audio spectrum analyser, acoustically coupled via the handset’s microphone.


Here, I am adjusting the frequency of a local oscillator (LO) in a transverter for a … Read more...

Video: Mellish Reef DXPedition 2002

Here is the official collection of VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition 2002 videos.

VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition – Part 1


VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition – Part 2


VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition – Part 3


VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition – Part 4


VK9ML Mellish Reef DXpedition – Part 5


VK9ML Mellish Reef …

3.4 GHz Transverter Testing

Videos of some 3.4 GHz experiments.

First, the initial 3.4 GHz transverter receive test, placing a VK3XDK Signal Generator several streets away.


3.4 & 2.4 GHz setup with VK4EA/P, January 2013 during the Summer Field Day.

 …