Behringer X1222USB Power Supply Failure – Fix

 Behringer X1222USB audio mixer Power Supply fails, again!

The SMPS modules fitted to these Behringer audio mixers are crap!

Fault symptoms include the appearance of no power to the mixer, except for the +48V LED being faintly lit when phantom power is turned on.


Adam explains what he did in this video:


D6, a HER303 ultra fast …

Fixing Electrolux ZUF4205AF Power Switch

The power on/off switch on an Electrolux ZUF4205AF vacuum cleaner was becoming unreliable, and needed fixing or replacing.

Note that this repair is not aimed at the regular consumer, but somebody who has some basic electronics experience.

Remove the two Torx screws as indicated below, and remove the associated cover plate.  It does come out with careful bending and twisting!… Read more...

LED vs Incandescent Reversing Lamp Comparison

I recently purchased some LED automotive reversing lamps off eBay, having become increasingly frustrated with incandescent lamps blowing at the most inopportune times!

A direct comparison, in a controlled environment, is presented here.

The LED lamps purchased are:

As is often the case on fleaBay, specifications can be vague:

There is a 20% range in lumen level variation.

The Delica …