Nextion HMI

VK4GHZ Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller

Update 03-May-2022:  V2022-05-03 fixes typo error on About page in 7.0″ version


Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller features:

Available for:
• NX8048K070 7.0″ Enhanced HMI
• NX8048K050  5.0″ Enhanced HMI
• NX4832K035  3.5″ Enhanced HMI
• NX4024K032  3.2″ Enhanced HMI  (limited functionality)

• Numeric Azimuth and elevation display
• Gauges Azimuth and elevation display
• BIG gauges display
• CCW/CW/Up/Down rotator control
• Configurable preset positions with name tags
• Configurable colours/fonts
• Park button
• Go To grid square
• Co-ordinates converter – convert between lat/lon and grid square
• Contest page – 8 presets
• Configuration – Screen page
• Rotor Calibration page
• Numeric keypad for entering numbers
• ABC keyboard for entering text & numbers
• Diagnostics page
• Configurable User Defined Functions with names
• Moon & Sun tracking page
• Satellite tracking page
• Satellite selection list
• Satellite AOS page
• Satellite tracking world map
• Tracking Check Interval settings page

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Which Nextion?

K3NG Rotator Controller Project Update Jan 2

Nextion firmware V2021-01-01-01 update for K3NG Rotator Controller

5.0″ version
Preset tags colour & font can now be changed
User Defined Buttons now have name tags
Initialize EEPROM button added
Toggle Center button added
Clock time now displayed on Features page

Satellite title bar character length extended by several characters – long names were being cropped!… Read more...