Both 3.5″ and 5.0″ Nextion touchscreens for the K3NG Rotator Controller receive an update.

This release also introduces a new “no frills” version for the NX4024_K032 3.2″ Enhanced Nextion HMI.


Change log:


3.2 " Fix: 
• Parking page - touching Return button showed another button image.
And why did I only notice this whilst watching the video?


* This update will wipe your existing Nextion 3.5"/5.0" settings stored in EEPROM
Make a note of any preset Az & name tags, UDF name tags, and config settings.

• Assigning name to UDF4 name tag affected Preset name tag foreground colour
due to overlapping EEPROM addresses.

• Satellite page - Park button was visible if Park feature was not enabled.
(Thanks Andrej S56VLV)

• Program.s - All EEPROM register addresses now properly defined here.
12 bytes allocated to azimuth & elevation presets, and name tags.
Refer to EEPROM Table pdf.

• Name tag length increased from 6 to 8 characters. 
YMMV with wide characters 'W' 'M' etc where screen real estate is limited.

• MainGauges pages - 5.0" Bigger Expand button to access Big Gauges page

• Diagnostics page - now responsive to features that are enabled.
ie; Buttons hiddens if not relevant to Arduino feature settings.

• Converter page - results window wider and smaller font to fit in result string.

• 3.2" Bolder fonts on configuration pages to improve readability

• Contest page - features 8 preset buttons.
Presets are Azimuth only. ie; Elevation forced to zero.

• Keypad page - short touch of CLR button will backspace.
Long touch will clear entry (as it should have been).

• Introduction of 3.2" version!
This is a basic 'no frills' version squeezed into the limited 400 x 240 px
screen that will suit an operator who wants a simple K3NG interface, but
with much more functionality than what an LCD & switches can offer.

There is no internal Moon/Sun/Sat tracking functionality, no help screens,
no Rotor calibration page, and no set colours page, no ABC keyboard (and
therefore no functionality associated with entering in alpha characters) 
ie; no Go To grid square, no Preset name tags, no UDF page. 
Colours can be changed by editing the .hmi file with the Nextion Editor.




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Video of latest changes and features

Adam discusses and demonstrates the latest changes.



Zip packages can be downloaded from the VK4GHZ K3NG Nextion Project page: