K3NG Rotator Controller

Yaesu G-5500 Ground Rail Fault & Better Voltage Drop Fix

Adam’s Yaesu G-5500 stopped working 🙁

Meter lamps came on, but non responsive otherwise.

An open circuit diode was found, D3, so no 0V GND rail existed.
Easy to find using an ordinary DMM.

A better method of eliminating the voltage drop problem across R10 20 ohm 5W resistor (that feeds +12V to the External Control connector) was suggested by Mike, WB8CXO, and implemented. … Read more...

VK4GHZ Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller

Update 03-May-2022:  V2022-05-03 fixes typo error on About page in 7.0″ version


Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller features:

Available for:
• NX8048K070 7.0″ Enhanced HMI
• NX8048K050  5.0″ Enhanced HMI
• NX4832K035  3.5″ Enhanced HMI
• NX4024K032  3.2″ Enhanced HMI  (limited functionality)

• Numeric Azimuth and elevation display
• Gauges Azimuth and elevation display
• BIG gauges display
• CCW/CW/Up/Down rotator control
• Configurable preset positions with name tags
• Configurable colours/fonts
• Park button
• Go To grid square
• Co-ordinates converter – convert between lat/lon and grid square
• Contest page – 8 presets
• Configuration – Screen page
• Rotor Calibration page
• Numeric keypad for entering numbers
• ABC keyboard for entering text & numbers
• Diagnostics page
• Configurable User Defined Functions with names
• Moon & Sun tracking page
• Satellite tracking page
• Satellite selection list
• Satellite AOS page
• Satellite tracking world map
• Tracking Check Interval settings page

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Which Nextion?

Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller Update 2021-06-29

This update introduces a new page for a large Azimuth only gauge.

Two alternate Azimuth gauge backgrounds can accommodate both close-in terrestrial VHF/UHF work or world-wide HF operation.


Change log:


* This update will reset your existing Nextion settings stored in EEPROM
Make a note of any preset Az & name tags, UDF name tags, and config settings
before updating.

How to fix serial GPS ‘Crazy Mouse’ Syndrome

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