VK4GHZ Nextion firmware for the K3NG Rotator Controller receives an update dated 2021-10-23.

This update works in conjunction with Anthony Good’s, K3NG, latest release of rotator controller Arduino code, version 2021.10.19.04.


What’s New?


New: 3.2" 3.5" 5.0" 7.0" Start up behaviour.
K3NG code v2021.10.19.04 or later REQUIRED.

Nextion will now wait for gSC data to arrive from Arduino before
moving onto designated start screen.

If gSC has not been received within 5 seconds "nexSerial FAIL" 
message appears to prompt investigation, but is still listening for gSC.

In rotator_features.h file, comment out these two lines (default)

If sending gSC needs to be delayed at Arduino, in rotator_settings.h,
increase value from default 0.

• 5.0" 7.0" ABCKeyboard page - '7' button not working if coming from Large Az 
page after pressing Go To button.

The primary change is the way the Nextion starts up and listens for the gSC (System Capabilities) variable sent from the Arduino.

In previous versions the Nextion would wait a predefined amount of time ~300 mS for the gSC message to come in, then proceed to process that message and then go to the designated start page.

However… on some occasions the Arduino was slow to send out the gSC message, and the Nextion wouldn’t receive gSC before moving on.

Annoyingly, this would mean the Nextion is stuck in the basic Azimuth “cheese burger” mode.

Now, the Nextion will sit on the first splash page until the gSC message comes in.  Once that has happened, the Nextion moves onto the4 second splash page and processes the gSC data, and then moves onto the designated start page.

Adam discusses the changes in this video.



Download Nextion firmware:

VK4GHZ Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller