K3NG Rotator Controller

K3NG Rotator Controller Project Update Jan 2

Nextion firmware V2021-01-01-01 update for K3NG Rotator Controller

5.0″ version
Preset tags colour & font can now be changed
User Defined Buttons now have name tags
Initialize EEPROM button added
Toggle Center button added
Clock time now displayed on Features page

Satellite title bar character length extended by several characters – long names were being cropped!… Read more...

Degrees Symbol for K3NG Rotator Controller Nextion – 2

The K3NG rotator controller is extremely well supported by the author, Anthony Good, K3NG.

Since the last bug report, one issue, easily overlooked by those not entirely familiar with the Nextion display,  has been identified that can easily cause grief,

Along with creating fonts with iso-8859-1 encoding, make sure when setting up your Nextion HMI project in the Nextion Editor, that the character encoding type is also set to iso-8859-1.… Read more...