Both 3.5″ and 5.0″ Nextion touchscreens for the K3NG Rotator Controller receive an update.

Change log as follows:


• Splash page - timer 'tmrReadySC' (that waits xxx mS before expecting to see
  global system capabilities data from MCU) timing has been increased/relaxed.
  5.0" 250 mS to 500 mS 
  3.5" 250 mS to 450 mS
  To accommodate MCUs that are slow to send out gSC data resulting in the
  Nextion defaulting incorrectly to basic Az only 'cheeseburger' mode.

• Config1 page - Audible Alert on/off button 
  Config1 page - Audible Alert automatically enable on power up button
  Config1 page - Audible Alert automatically disable when tracking button

• Rotor Calibration page - Sensor Plot (waveforms) button

• Waveforms page - graphs Az & El data vs time
  Experimental, but could be useful to visualise faulty sensor data

• Features page - Audible Alert status

• Main page - Audible Alert status icon

• MainGauges page - Audible Alert status icon

• MoonSun page - Audible Alert status icon

• Sat page - Audible Alert status icon

• TrackSet1 page - Tracking Check Intervals

• TrackSet2 page - Tracking Rotation Intervals

• TrackSet3 page - Degree Differential Thresholds

• Diagnostics page - gV2 variable added

• Program.s - Global Button Status variables renamed to begin as gBSxxxxxx

• Multiple pages - Opacity of dulled icon versions of Moon, Sun, Sat, AA, AP
  changed from 35% to 20% to make inactive state more pronounced


Video of latest changes and features

Adam discusses why it is important to power your Nextion and MCU up at exactly the same time (ie; off the same power rail), and some basic checks you do if your HMI is incorrectly coming up in the basic Az only cheeseburger mode.

Latest updates are discussed and demonstrated.



Zip packages can be downloaded from the VK4GHZ K3NG Nextion Project page: