VK4GHZ Nextion for K3NG Rotator Controller now gets a version for the NX8048K050 5.0″ Enhanced touchscreen.

The 5.0″ screen is nice!

Below are some comparison shots along side a familiar 3.5″ Nextion.

(5.0″ screen still has protective layer on top of screen, so tends to look dull)


NX8048K035 V2021-01-06-01

First release of 5.0″ version.

• Has all features and functionality of v2020-12-18-01 3.5″ version plus;
• Larger fonts and buttons all over
• 4th Preset added
• All four Presets appear on main operational pages
• Preset name tags colour & font can now be changed
• New enhanced icons for clock type
• User Defined Buttons now have name tags
• Initialize EEPROM button added



The 3.5″ version receives an upgrade, incorporating some new features of the 5.0″ version and minor fix ups;

NX4832K035 V2021-01-06-01

• Preset tags colour & font can now be changed
• User Defined Buttons now have name tags
• Satellite title bar character length extended by several characters – long names were being cropped!
• Initialize EEPROM button added
• Clock time now displayed on Features page
• Never ending pixel-by-pixel cosmetic and alignment tweaks !






Nextion .hmi and .tft zip packages for both 3.5″ and 5.0″ versions can be downloaded from the project page;

Universal K3NG Rotator Controller System