5/16″ SMA Spanner Mods

Doug, VK4OE, shows us some handy modifications to a 5/16″ combination spanner to make it more user friendly when dealing with SMA connectors in tight spaces.


3.4 GHz Power Amp upgrade

_DSC4432_webThe dual-band 2.4/3.4 GHz transverter system currently runs a Toshiba UM2784B Power Amplifier on 3.4 GHz, nominally 8 watts output, as seen on the right, mounted on a slab of copper with a heatsink. This unit is being removed.

A larger and more powerful Toshiba UM2683B 3.4 GHz PA module was recently obtained, and to make room for this inside, the ThunderBolt GPSDO must be re-located out into it’s own box.… Read more...

S/E QLD 10 GHz Activity Day, Oct 2013

Brisbane 10 GHz Activity Day, October 27, 2013

Iain, VK5ZD, is operating portable from the Gold Coast, whilst other stations are operating S/E QLD.

A fun MAD (Microwave Activity Day) on 10 GHz!


Video: Windfreak SynthNV

We take a look at sweeping an M2 23CM35 yagi for 1296 MHz using a Windfreak SynthNV USB powered and programmed RF Signal Generator / RF Power Detector from Windfreak Technologies LLC.


VK3XDK PLL – for dual-band

I was looking into using a single VK3XDK PLL Synthesizer for both my 2.4GHz and 3.4GHz transverter systems.
ie; sharing the one PLL for both bands, with appropriate switching.

To expand on the general concept…

The trick is to use the Si4133’s “RF2” VCO to generate the 1484MHz, whilst the “RF1” VCO generates the 1970MHz.… Read more...