The DL2AM 10 GHz 10 Watt Power Amplifier arrived recently, and was “unboxed” today._DSC4662_web
(Click on the pictures, to see them full-size)

Manufactured by Philipp Prinz, DL2AM, this requires;

  • 12-15VDC
  • 4.4A
  • 125mW Drive (+21dBm)

My Kuhne 10 GHz G3 transverter provides a nominal 250mW output (+24dBm), so a 3dB in-line SMA attentuator will be required between the Kuhne and this power amplifier.


RF input and output connectors are SMA.



The milled aluminium box itself is quite compact, and measures 86mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 22mm (H), not including the protrusions of the SMA connectors or feedthroughs. Compare this to other 10 GHz power amplifiers of this power output class.



Now watch the “unboxing” video


PAs like this are an ideal way to break out of the barefoot mW power rut and open up exciting opportunities to work longer distances on 10 GHz.