How to Build an FPV Camera Shield

A “how to” build video for the FPV Camera Shield, so you can bang a set of five of these out in about 15 minutes.

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Herding Elephants with a UAV

Park Rangers in Africa are using a DJI Phantom to herd pesky elephants away from farmers crops.

Originally aired on ABC-TV News 24 on Wednesday 20-5-2015.

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FPV Quadcopter Racing on the News!

Some of the local boys showing “FPV” (First Person View) mini-quadcopter racing in a carpark environment.


IBCrazy 2.4 GHz Bluebeam Antenna Return Loss Sweep

This video takes a look at performing a return loss sweep on a set of IBCrazy 2.4 GHz Bluebeam Ultra antenna set.

Sweeping is performed using a PC Driven Windfreak SynthNV.

The Windfreak SynthNV is a 34.4MHz to 4.4GHz software tunable RF signal generator controlled and powered by a PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, or Android via its USB port.


Hover bike

Coming to a future near you!

Only at proof-of-concept phase, but how cool is this idea.

Perfect for ducking over to Morton Island, or Straddy, for lunch!… Read more...

F550 Quad hover endurance test – Zippy LiPo

This video takes a look at another F550 hover endurance test, but this time with a Zippy Compact brand 3S 3300mAh LiPo battery.

* Time compressed, so you don’t sit through the entire xx minutes!

poster-hover-test-zippy