Fed up with breaking VTX antennas and LiPo battery leads getting clipped by propellers whilst learning to fly a Mini Quad?

Here’s an idea, and costs almost nothing.

At this stage I’m not concerned about any potential drag, so if you are, best you press your back button now! 😉

This is all about protecting the antenna during the early stages of learning to fly, and a mini-quad isn’t a particularly aerodynamic thing to begin with anyway.

Using a domestic cleaner plastic bottle, the original idea was to create something that would help protect the cloverleaf antenna if/when the mini-quad crashed upside-down.


The curvature of the bottle adds to the strength.

With the extra thickness of the plastic guard, 6mm aluminium bolts normally used to fasten the top deck are replaced with 10mm bolts.


In a real World situation, you’ve probably seen this before:


The plastic guard has prevented the low-profile cloverleaf from being directly smacked.

This actually works well, but what about the LiPo leads getting munched by propellers, like so:



Easy, just add a cutout for the LiPo leads to pass through:

In the real-World, a guard like this isn’t any hindrance to connecting up/swapping out batteries:



Doing this limits how much the LiPo leads can move around and prevents them being clipped by a propeller, even if striking a tree branch at an odd angle! 😉

If you don’t use a low-profile cloverleaf antenna like this, a cut-down version of this guard should still help protect your LiPo leads, and minimise any drag.