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K3NG Rotator Controller Project Update Feb 11 2021

In this video, Adam goes over the latest Nextion NX8048K050 (Enhanced 5.0″) firmware V2021-02-11-01 update for K3NG Rotator Controller.

Solutions to fix the crappy Yaesu G-5500 +13V rail voltage drop on its External Control connector are also offered.


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Elevation Gauge hotspots.…

K3NG Rotator Controller Project Boxing

Adam shows you how he crams his 5.0″ Nextion touch screen and custom K3NG rotator controller board inside an $8 box.


Yaesu G-5500 K3NG Rotator Controller Board

A Yaesu G-5500 (etc)  rotator controller project based on Anthony Good’s popular K3NG rotator controller.

This project features a Teensy 3.2 microcontroller and Nextion Enhanced HMI user interface.

• Az analogue potentiometer input
• El analogue potentiometer input
• Four NO push-button switch inputs with pull-ups available
• Teensy I/O pins available via pads
• 100 x 50 mm
• Powered from Yaesu G-5500 controller


G-5500 K3NG Controller Board

• GPS serial data pass-through (genuine FTDI chip) to USB allows for simultaneous Teensy  &  PC time-syncing


• High efficiency DC-DC buck 7805 replacement regulator (or use traditional linear 7805 with heat sink)

• Audible Alert (peizo) connector

• Teensy 3.2 Real Time Clock (RTC) battery connector

• Nextion connector


• MT-8870 DTMF module pads available for DTMF experimentation


Rear Connectors




Short-Form Project Kits

Available for purchase from the vk4ghz.com

K3NG Rotator Controller Project Update Jan 2

Nextion firmware V2021-01-01-01 update for K3NG Rotator Controller

5.0″ version
Preset tags colour & font can now be changed
User Defined Buttons now have name tags
Initialize EEPROM button added
Toggle Center button added
Clock time now displayed on Features page

Satellite title bar character length extended by several characters – long names were being cropped!… Read more...