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Fixing Trimble Thunderbolt -55° Temp Error

This Trimble Thunderbolt 10 MHz GPSDO (purchased off eBay) has always reported temperature incorrectly.

Everything else was fine, just the temperature being reported as -55°.

The temperature sensor is a Dallas DS1620S in a SOIC-8 package, and is quite easy to replace, as seen in the following video.

    DS1620 Data Sheet






 …

ThunderBolt GPSDO Rebuild

A Trimble ThunderBolt GPS Disciplined Oscillator (GPSDO) is the main 10 MHz station reference, and was originally built into a dual-band 2.4/3.4 GHz transverter system.

Now that a larger and more powerful 3.4 GHz PA module is to be installed in this system, the ThunderBolt must be re-located out into it’s own box.


Whilst the ThunderBolt was internal, removing the …

ThunderBolt Display video

A new video takes a look at what the ThunderBolt Display displays!



Here’s a rundown of my Trimble Thunderbolt GPSDO project.

It provides an accurate 10MHz reference for the transverter Local Oscillator PLLs.
The existing Thunderbolt mounting holes will be utilized, and mounted in a vertical orientation, inside the 3RU 2.4/3.4GHz transverter enclosure.


Above: Under the hood! A DEMI 4-way Splitter/Amp/Filter, and a Futurlec DC-DC converter board inside

The Futurlec dual DC

ThunderBolt Commander

What does the ThunderBolt Commander do?

ThunderBolt Commander can send four pre-defined command packets to a Trimble ThunderBolt Disciplined Clock.

Primarily, it is used to change the ThunderBolt’s receiver mode between OverDet Clock and Full Position 3D.


Watch the video


Easy to build on Veroboard



Do I need this?

If you always operate a Trimble ThunderBolt …