G-5500 K3NG Rotator Controller

This controller boards suits a Yaesu G-5500 type dual Az/El rotator controller for operators who want a practical and powerful interface, along with the ability to access the spare I/O ports of the MCU in the future.

• PCB 100 x 50mm

• Accommodates Teensy 3.2 MCU (not supplied)

• Nextion touchscreen interface

• Yaesu G-5500 compatible for CW/CCW/Up/Down control

• Generic azimuth only rotator control compatible

• Az analogue potentiometer input

• El analogue potentiometer input

• Piezo audible alert output

• Teensy RTC battery connection

• 4 x N.O. generic push-button switch inputs with pull-ups

• GPS serial data pass-through (genuine FTDI chip) to USB Mini-B for time-syncing PC

• High efficiency DC-DC Buck 7805 Regulator

• Powered from G-5500 Controller

• Accommodates MT8870 DTMF decoder module (not supplied) for remote DTMF control applications


Price & availability TBA