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Skill level required:  Intermediate

Soldering connectors/wire
Mounting board in your own enclosure, and interfacing to main unit
Familiarity with Arduino IDE to configure for ADXL345 El sensor

This is the matching ADXL345 remote elevation sensor for the VK4GHZ Universal K3NG Rotator Controller Board.

Using an ADXL345 3-axis accelerometer with high resolution (13-bit) measurement at up to ±16 g, digital output data is formatted as 16-bit twos complement and is accessible through a I2C digital interface.

P82B96 i2c bus transceivers at both ends enable extended cable length between main controller and remote sensor unit.
30m is easily achieved using regular cat5 cable.
(Maximum length is determined by cable capacitance.)



• PCB: 50 x 47mm
• powered from VK4GHZ Universal Controller Board via 13.8V line
• P82B96 i2c extender
• provision for RJ45 socket, or solder direct to PCB pads
• spare pair ‘C’ pads on PCB
• normal through hole components for easy serviceability
• on-board 78L05 5V regulator
• 1N4148 diode for reverse polarity protection
• PCB cutout suits sealed diecast aluminium enclosure


Interface Requirements

A B82P96 bus transceiver is required at the MCU end.
This is a simple circuit and the B82P96 is available in through hole DIP package for easy construction/breadboard use.

Example using a Teensy 3.2:


K3NG rotator_features.h file

To use this ADXL sensor, define the feature as below:



Adafruit Libraries Required







Suggested Enclosure (not included)

Everybody will have different mounting ideas, but this PCB was designed to fit into a commonly available diecast sealed aluminium enclosure.



  HB5031 Gainta Industries Ltd Enclosure Diagram



Connectivity Suggestions (not included)

The PCB will accommodate a standard RJ-45 jack, or you can solder directly to the PCB, perhaps via a cable gland.
Your choice, your solution to suit your own installation.


How are these boards tested without soldering any wires?

A test cable is snug fit in the PCB plated through holes, and the board is checked for correct operation with the reference K3NG Universal Controller system



What’s in the box?

1 x assembled and tested board, fitted with GY291 ADXL accelerometer

Schematic Diagram emailed with order receipt.


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K3NG Universal Rotator Controller Kit


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