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Skill level required:  Intermediate-Advanced

Forming & soldering components on your own Veroboard etc
Mounting board in your own enclosure, and interfacing to main unit
Familiarity with Arduino IDE to configure for ADXL345 El sensor


This starter kit provides the basic components required for a generic DIY i2c remote unit for your VK4GHZ Universal K3NG Rotator Controller Board, using your own i2c sensor module.

P82B96 i2c bus transceivers at both ends enable extended cable length between main controller and remote sensor unit.
30m is easily achieved using regular cat5 cable.
(Maximum length is determined by cable capacitance.)



Interface Requirements

A P82B96 bus transceiver is required at the MCU end.
The following example shows a Teensy 3.2 (as fitted on a VK4GHZ Universal K3NG Remote Controller board), but any MCU with i2c connectivity (eg: Arduino MEGA2560) can also be used.



What’s in the box?

• 1 x 10uF 35V tantalum capacitor

• 2 x 100nF ceramic capacitors

• 2 x 2k2 resistors

• 2 x 750R resistors

• 1 x 1N4148 diode

• 1 x 78L05 voltage regulator

• 1 x P82B96 transceiver IC

• Kit Notes including schematic diagram



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K3NG Universal Rotator Controller Kit


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