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*** Discontinued – Teensy 3.2 no longer available ***


Universal K3NG Rotator Controller

Skill level required: Advanced    –   Not suitable for beginners

Familiarity with Arduino IDE, Teensyduino and programming MCUs via USB cable
Familiarity with Nextion programming via microSD card or FTDI adapter
Soldering connectors/wire
Mounting Nextion and board in your own enclosure

Sorry, I cannot offer personal assistance to teach you how to use Arduino/Teensy/Nextion
Lots of on-line resources are available to help you – Google!


This K3NG based computer interface controller board suits a Yaesu G-5500 dual azimuth/elevation controller and also accommodates various other configurations, such as a azimuth only rotator along with a linear actuator for elevation. 

Also features PWM derived speed voltage control output (ie; Yaesu G-800DXA etc), i2c remote sensors input via bus extender, a PWM interface for external PWM carrier driver board, and easy access to spare MCU I/O ports for future experimentation.

Pre-assembled and tested (factory MCU removed after testing) and ready for you to complete the integration into your own system requirements.

• PCB  132 x 55mm, M3 mounting holes

• Accommodates Teensy 3.2 MCU (not supplied)

• Nextion (not supplied) touch screen HMI interface

• Generic rotator control with CW/CCW/Up/Down outputs

• Yaesu G-5500 compatible

• Yaesu G-800DXA (and G-1000-DXA, G-2800-DXA) PWM speed voltage output

• Azimuth & Elevation analogue potentiometer input

• PWM motor driver for linear actuator elevation control

• i2c extender for remote sensors via RJ45 and cat5

• Piezo audible alert output

• Teensy 3.2 RTC battery connection

• 4 x N.O. generic push-button switch inputs with pull-ups

• GPS serial data pass-through (genuine FTDI chip) to USB Mini-B for simultaneous PC time-syncing ability

• 7805 High efficiency DC-DC Buck Regulator

• Resettable 2.5A fuse









What’s in the box?

1 x assembled and tested controller board

1 x 8-pin DIN connector (to G-5500)

1 x 4-pin min DIN connector (to GPS)

3 x Polarised  2-pin connectors (to power switch, audible alert piezo, RTC battery backup)

1 x Polarised  4-pin connector (to PWM Driver)

1 x 2.5mm DC plug (+13.8V power)

1 x RJ45 plug (to remote i2c sensors)



What you supply

• Teensy 3.2 MCU (K3NG rotator controller firmware available from Github)

   You do not need to ask if it will work with another MCU!

• Nextion HMI of your choice (free firmware for Enhanced 3.2″, 3.5″, 5.0, 7.0″″ by VK4GHZ)

• An enclosure to suit your own requirements

• Interconnection wire to suit your own requirements

• GPS Module (serial 9600Bd NMEA)

• If required, i2c remote unit with P82B96 interface


VK4GHZ K3NG Universal Controller Kit Documentation

VK4GHZ Universal K3NG Rotator Controller Kit Notes



VK4GHZ K3NG Universal Controller Schematic

Available for your own records upon purchase – this is not automatic, you need to request this.



Sample Universal rotator_pins.h file

Pre-configured rotator_pins.h file to suit this board for a Yaesu G-800DXA G-1000DXA G-2800DXA Azimuth rotator and PWM linear actuator combination.

Unzip and rename this file to rotator_pins.h





K3NG Universal Remote i2c Start Kit

Want to fast track your own remote sensor to suit the VK4GHZ Universal Controller Board?
Consider adding this Starter Kit, and it won’t add to shipping costs.

K3NG Universal Remote i2c Starter Kit



Matching ADXL345 Accelerometer Elevation Sensor

This is the matching ADXL345 remote elevation sensor for the VK4GHZ Universal K3NG Rotator Controller Board.

K3NG Universal ADXL345 i2c Remote Sensor



Add remote control

Being able to remote CCW/CW/Up/Down whilst outside can be handy during antenna maintenance.

Easily interfaces to the Universal Rotator Controller board.

YK04 Remote Control Kit



Additional information

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