The K3NG rotator controller is extremely well supported by the author, Anthony Good, K3NG.

Since the last bug report, one issue, easily overlooked by those not entirely familiar with the Nextion display,  has been identified that can easily cause grief,

Along with creating fonts with iso-8859-1 encoding, make sure when setting up your Nextion HMI project in the Nextion Editor, that the character encoding type is also set to iso-8859-1.


Also, the degree symbol in the vSS1 Status string wasn’t quite right.

eg: when parking:

This is easily fixed by editing line #211 in rotator_settings.h.

Change the xDF to xB0  (bravo zero).

And the degree symbol will be correctly displayed, as such:



The K3NG rotator controller is fantastic project for anyone looking to remote control their rotators, and offers many human interface options, such as a touch screen, LCDs and switches, etc.