SOLD OUT !     Note: This is a discontinued item.   Sorry, there are absolutely no plans to build anymore.


Availability: September 2013

What does it do?

ThunderBolt Display is a stand-alone microprocessor-controlled LCD specifically for Trimble’s ThunderBolt Disciplined Clock, providing a comprehensive indication of Thunderbolt’s status, modes, and alarm conditions.

It is fully assembled and tested – a plug and play solution for you.

Only soldering required is, to the connectors (supplied) for power and data.

  • 4 line x 20 character backlit LCD
  • 4 information pages
  • 8 page modes
  • Alarm outputs
  • DD.dddddd -or- D M S format lat/lon
  • Calculates Grid Square
  • DC Voltmeter
  • RS232 for PC/laptop use is retained
  • Requires: 8-15VDC < 150mA


What’s in the box?

  • 1 x ThunderBolt Display (fully assembled and tested)
  • 2 x 2-pin 0.1″ polarised header connectors for Power Supply and GPS Data connections
  • 1 x Pre-wired Rotary Switch sub-assembly with 200mm ribbon-cable tail (you supply your own knob that matches your own equipment)


What assembly am I required to do?

ThunderBolt Display board comes fully assembled, so minimal electronics experience is needed. You:

  • solder your own 2-core cable to the header connector for power
  • solder your own 2-core cable to the header connector for data
  • mount the display into your own enclosure
  • fit your own knob for the rotary switch

In other words, you do the final integration to suit your own individual requirements.


Display Options

ThunderBolt Display comes in a choice of LCD variants.
(Please refer to the picture at the very top)

  • Standard size green/black
  • Standard size inverted blue
  • “Jumbo” size green/black


Inverted blue is not recommended for outdoor use in direct sunlight, but is an attractive “soft” display for indoor or shaded outside environments.
Black on green remains the best choice for both indoor & outdoor use.



Q) There used to be a Chinese display available on eBay, which was a lot cheaper. Why?

A) Buy one, and find out why it’s much cheaper! Then, like many others, you can order one of these and finally be satisfied. 😉


Q) Is this better than using an Arduino based solution?

A) Quite simply, yes!

You do not have to be a computer programmer  or install any IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software.

Arduino based solutions are large and clumsy, whilst the VK4GHZ ThunderBolt Display is compact and plug & play.

If you want to save 20 pounds but waste your time mucking around with an Arduino, go for it!


Q) Are kits available?

A) No. Sorting, counting, and packaging components separately into a kit of parts is too time consuming, and the developer does not want the hassle of dealing with kit builders who may encounter problems of their own making.


Thunderbolt Display is ONLY available as a fully assembled and tested item.




Standard size: AUD $160 + shipping

Jumbo size: AUD $175 + shipping



Please refer to the order form for rates.



How Do I Order?

Contact me for an Order Form (a Microsoft Word doc)
Complete the form
Save a copy for yourself
Email it to



The following resources are available for download.
 Thunderbolt Display (Revision 3) User Guide



Thunderbolt Display (Revision 3) Technical Supplement