Two FPV camera anti-vibration mounts were lost recently, when the BlackOut Mini H Quad clipped a tree branch, just at the wrong angle.

Not wanting to pay the rip-off prices for genuine BlackOut spare parts, the following idea from a flying mate was suggested.

Use some rubber tubing.

I didn’t have any rubber tubing on hand, but i did have some PVC tubing from an automotive application on hand.



Holes were drilled using an M2 then M3 drill bit.
As the bits weren’t sharp, the holes were finished off using a soldering iron tip.
(But use an old tip, one you don’t actually solder with anymore)

Using side cutters (or scissors), two small lengths can be cut off:


M2 bolts and nuts fitted.

Make sure the length of tube doesn’t rub against the small SMD components on the board:


PVC tube isn’t as soft as rubber tube, but makes a good temporary replacement to get you in the air again:



Fitted back in the frame:


Yes, the frame is grotty.
Get over it.

That’s what happens when it’s in regular use.