The Blackout Mini H Quad comes standard with black M3 nylon bolts, and whilst this fits in with the “black” theme, they break easy!

After some great advice from some local flyers (thanks Chad and Mark), aluminium alternatives were sourced from


You’d never know it from their website, but Warpquad is based in Brisbane, so delivery for us locals is rather quick. 🙂


I’m getting over having to wait 2-3 weeks for deliveries from overseas.
Even with aluminium bolts on-hand, I thought I was being clever replacing the nylon bolts as they broke, with nylon spares.

Before too long, you realize you’re losing other parts in the process as well, such as the 3mm and 35mm spacers.

Swapping out the nylon bolts for the aluminium bolts.   6mm bolts through the top:


10mm bolts through the bottom:


I was initially concerned that replacing the nylon bolts would simply shift the point of failure to the frame and arms, but have been repeatedly assured, the genuine Blackout parts are super strong, and will not break.

I’m half expecting the nylon spacers will become the point of failure… I’m ok with that.