ft50smallThe FT-50R will drain it’s battery rather quickly, even if the transceiver is turned “off”.

This mod will reduce the “off” current drain of the transceiver.

Note: Actual layout of PBA may vary depending on revision.
Abbreviated procedure;

  • Remove Battery & 2 knobs
  • Remove NiCad sticker
  • Remove 2 screws & remove keypad


  • Lever up metal back plate (2 tabs either side) & remove from plastic shell
  • Undo & remove nut on Dial/Vol pot
  • Remove 3 screws
  • Carefully separate PBAs
  • Refer to overlay above
  • Replace R2102 with 56k 0603 SMT resistor
  • Replace R2103 with 10k 0603 SMT resistor
  • Re-assemble as per resverse of above