Well, I finally got a chance to have a play with my new “ZL PLL” board from Wayne, ZL2BKC.

First thing to do was organise a programming lead.

Being curious, I initially tried using a PICAXE AXE027 lead, but nope, no go.
The AXE027 lead is an “inverting ” type lead, so the logic levels are ass about.

As Wayne suggests, a Yaesu USB CAT lead is suitable, so having a USB CAT lead, an adapter to change from Mini-DIN 8 pin to a SIP header plug was required.


Above: USB Yaesu FT-817/857/897 CAT lead from eBay

A quick trip to Jaycar, and an 8-pin min-DIN line socket (PS0374 $2.95) and a 4-pin header plug (HM3404 $0.65) was purchased.
Hookup wire/heatshrink/cable management stuff already on hand!




As per Yaesu manual (in this case, an FT-817), the pin labeled “RXD” goes to the ZL PLL board pin also labeled RXD.
Same with the TXD line.
Compare the Yaesu socket diagram below with the composite plug image above.


Wayne suggests three terminal applications to try.
Having downloaded and tried them all, I reckon Putty is awful, as is Hyperterm.

On the other hand, Tera Term is easy to install, and painless to use. Recommended.


To talk to the PLL board, don’t forget to press the [Enter] button!

ie; for a similar display in the above image, press D then [Enter]

Details and manual for the ZL PLL can be found here: https://zl2bkc.com/projects/zlpll/

Have fun experimenting. 😀