Updated my Xiaomi Yi Android app from v1.3 to v1.7, the camera’s firmware to v1.1, and not without some frustration.

Attempting to update the app from within the app itself proved fruitless, as it said there was no new update:


I knew v1.6.17 was out there from a post on their Facebook page, June 6 2015.


Plan B.
I downloaded the latest version of the application apk file from: app.mi.com/download/87320 (which turned out to be v1.7.19) on the desktop PC, and transferred the 28MB file across to the Galaxy S5 phone.

Before you can “sideload” install apk’s downloaded from outside GooglePlay, you need to go into your phone’s Security Settings and tick the “Unknown Sources” box.


With the apk file copied across to the Galaxy S5, and the security setting changed, we can install the latest version:


Then this:


WTF? … it’s meant to be an update!

Ok, we’ll uninstall the existing v1.3 app:


Let’s try installing the latest v1.7 apk again:




From within the app, you can now check for a camera firmware update:







Make sure the Xiaomi Yi battery is fully charged, otherwise you may get this warning:


… a few hours later after charging the Xiaomi Yi’s batttery, we’ll download the firmware directly to the phone:


With that downloaded, and a fully charged camera battery, activate the wifi on the camera and connect to it:


After a minute or two:


After the firmware update, the camera turns itself off.

Turn it back on again, re-activate the wifi, and connect to it:
Confirm the latest firmware version.


That’s it!

It would have been a lot easier if the app had recognised the new update was available though. 🙁