This kit includes a breakout board to suit a YK04 315/433 MHz PT2272-based remote control receiver module.

Ideal for roof-top remote control of your rotator system for maintenance and calibration work, and will easily connect to a K3NG based rotator controller.

Provides five momentary buffered open collector outputs to ground;

• button A  (eg: CW)
• button B  (eg: CCW)
• button C  (eg: Up)
• button D  (eg: Down)
• Valid Transmission



• PCB: 5cm x 5cm
• Mounting: 4 x M3 hole
• 5V operation
• LEDs to indicate output state
• LEDs enable/disable jumper
• Provision for SMA launcher as external antenna connector



What’s in the box?

1 x tested and assembled breakout board

1 x YK04 receiver module

1 x keyfob transmitter

2 x 2-pin polarised connectors

1 x 3-pin polarised connector



Coming April 2021