Blank (PCB only – no components fitted) main controller board PCB for a generic K3NG Rotator Controller system.

This blank controller board will suit a Yaesu G-5500 or an azimuth-only rotator such as the G-800 DXA, G-1000DXA, G-2800 DXA or any generic rotator with CCW and CW control switches, along with a linear actuator.

Controller features:

• Teensy 3.2 MCU
• Nextion HMI interface
• CW/CCW control outputs
• Up/Down control outputs
• PWM control output
• Analogue Azimuth potentiometer input
• Analogue Elevation potentiometer input
• G-800DXA PWM Speed voltage output
• external PWM Motor Driver interface for linear actuator control
• GPS Serial Input
• GPS Serial pass-through to USB
• RTC Battery input
• i2C remote sensor input

Professionally fabricated, double-sided, with silk-screen overlay.


Also available as a populated board – BYO Teensy and Nextion HMI.