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Update 20-Jan-2020
Next batch of 10 Nextion HMIs en route – expected late January, when kits can be completed.
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This touchscreen controller is designed to control a single Eltek Flatpack2 rectifier being used as a general purpose PSU. 

Tested with:

• Flatpack2 48/2000 HE

• Flatpack2 48/3000 HE

This product is not intended to control multiple rectifiers nor be an intelligent battery charger controller.


An Eltek Flatpack2 HE 48V 2000W or 3000W rectifier is an ideal power supply for 1 kW class amateur radio Solid State Power Amplifier projects.

This 3.5″ touchscreen-based controller allows setting and monitoring of parameters that Flatpack2 provides via it’s CAN-bus:

• AC Volts in
• DC Volts out
• Load current
• Intake temperature
• Output temperature
• Operating status
• Alarm & warning messages

Main screen:


Voltage can be shifted up or down in 200mV steps by touching the UP/DOWN arrows.

This does not affect the default start up voltage.


Log in icon indicates when controller sends a log in request.  Every 5 seconds.


Short press “SET” button: reset screen saver

Long press “SET” button: enter Set menu


Set Menu:


The following can be configured on the Screen Settings page:

• Screen brightness

• Screen saver (enter 0 to disable screen saver)

• Output voltage to 1 or 2 decimal places


The following can be configured on the General Settings page:

• Current Limit in deciAmps

• Short or long ‘walk-in’.


Set Default Volts page.


Voltage is entered as decivolts by keypad.

ie: 48.00 V = 4800



If an alarm or warning (or both) state is detected, the appropriate icons become red.


Clicking on either of these icons will take you to the Warnings/Alarms page:


Foreground and background colours of each parameter can be adjusted to your own preference, as well as a choice of two fonts.

Example: setting DC Volts colour & font:


+5V power supply uses a Maxim MAX5035 DC-DC Step-down converter. 

The MAX5035 is rated to an input voltage of 76 volts.

Quality Panasonic aluminium electrolytic capacitors are used.  Capacitor on the DC input is rated at 100V.

A diode on the DC input provides against accidental reverse polarity connection.


And in case you haven’t seen what happens to the cheap “high voltage” LM2596HVS modules from eBay:



The controller easily mounts to the Flatpack chassis, or any other flat surface, using adhesive PCB stand-offs (supplied).


What do I need to do?

Controller board is fully assembled and fitted with a CAN bus adapter, and programmed & tested Arduino Nano ready to connect to the programmed & tested Nextion 3.5″ Enhanced HMI touchscreen.

You are required to;

• solder your own wires to the power connector (supplied) and CAN bus connector (supplied) to suit your own installation, and connect these to the rear of the FP2

• mount the controller board to suit your own installation

• mount the touchscreen to suit your own installation

• connect the touchscreen to the controller board, as per the User Guide


What’s in the box?

• 1 x Controller board

• 1 x Nextion 3.5″ HMI touchscreen

• 1 x matching 2 pin polarised connector for Controller power

• 1 x matching 3 pin polarised connector for CAN data

• 4 x adhesive PCB stand-offs


This is ready to connect to your own Flatpack2 and breakout board.

Breakout boards can be found on eBay:



Designed to control a single Eltek 48V Flatpack2 rectifier being used as a general purpose PSU. 

Works with:

• Flatpack2 48/2000 HE

• Flatpack2 48/3000 HE

This product is not intended to control multiple rectifiers nor be an intelligent battery charger controller.


Will it work with other Flatpack2 variants?

It might, but be aware that Eltek chargers can use a different CAN bus protocol compared to their rectifiers.

I only have FP2 48/2000 HE here, and a customer has confirmed the FP2 48/3000 HE variant. 

You would need to try other variants at your own risk.


Download:  Eltek Flatpack2 Controller User Guide 29-07-2020

Hard copy of user guide is no longer supplied.
It pushed the shipping weight into a more expensive weight category (added $3.00).


Note:  Flatpack2 rectifier and Flatpack2 interface PCB seen in sample images are not supplied with this item

Additional information

Weight 249 g
Dimensions 160 × 105 × 80 mm

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