1 August 2015 Update:

ALL KITS SOLD OUT – This is a discontinued item



For the serious VHF/UHF station!

IC-910 Multi-Send is an in-line device, powered by the IC-910, and provides unique and isolated relay outputs for activating external 144, 432 and 1296 MHz power amplifiers.

The correct “SEND” output is automatically activated depending on which transmit band is selected on the transceiver.

This overcomes the IC-910’s single “SEND” output, and having to manually enable/disable power amplifiers.

Multi-Send works with a standard IC-910 (2/70 only) as well an optioned IC-910 (2/70/23) with the 23cm module. If you add a 23cm module later, no extra mods will be required then.

For Multi-Send to work, a modification to the IC-910 is required, which is fully documented in the supplied User Guide.


The modification involves soldering two resistors and two wires inside the IC-910.
Soldering to the side of SMD capacitors can be fiddly, but it is extremely straight forward.
A magnifying lamp is recommended with all SMD work.


Does this use C-IV data?

No. C-IV with IC-910 is problematic, due to it’s limited command set and functionality.
As revealed at a GippsTech 2013 presentation, although plug ‘n play, the use of C-IV is not a practical solution, with too many operational limitations involving the “SUB” band operation and Satellite modes. 

Multi-Send uses a fail-safe analogue band voltage to determine what amplifier relay should be enabled.
The kit includes everything you need to get going;

• 1 x Multi-Send module (assembled & tested)
• 1 x 100kΩ & 1 x 220kΩ 0.25W 1% resistor
• Hook up wire, 450mm
• Attractive brushed/black aluminium enclosure (made in Japan), undrilled
• 4 x M3 mounting hardware (screws, nuts, spacers)   Optional aluminium case
• 3 x indicator LEDs (red, yellow, green)
• front panel labels
• rear panel labels
• 2 x 8-pin DIN connectors
• 400mm shielded cable
• complete and detailed instructions emailed to you as a PDF




What you need to do

• solder the two supplied resistors to IC-910’s ACC socket & run wires to the specified points on the PA Unit

• drill/file out holes in case

• mount Multi-Send board in case

• mount and solder LEDs in position

• solder up a DIN-DIN patch lead (connectors & cable supplied)


The Multi-Send module comes fully assembled and tested.

It is made using a quality professionally manufactured double-sided plated-through PCB with solder mask and silk screen.
Designed to be a tight fit into a specific Japanese made two-tone (black/brushed) aluminium case (100x70x30mm), but can be mounted into any similarly sized case you may already have.

This case features peel-off protective skin to avoid scratches during markup/drilling/filing. Simply peel off, once you’re done.

Compact, low profile, seen here sitting on top of a Rigblaster PC interface.

Accessories using the ACC1 socket (such as the Rigblaster) now simply plug into the Multi-Send DIN loop-through.



Q) I see there are small SMD components on the Multi-Send PCB. Do I need to solder any of these SMD part?

A) No, the Multi-Send board itself comes fully assembled and tested.


Q) Is there any soldering required?

A) Yes.

• You will need to solder two wires inside your IC-910 to the PA Unit, onto the sides of SMD capacitors, where we pick the voltages off

• As with any fine soldering, a fine tipped soldering iron and a steady hand will be required

• Once installed in a case, the three LEDs will need to be soldered to the Multi-Send board

• You solder up a DIN-DIN patch lead (connectors and cable supplied)


Q) I run digital modes and SBB. Is RF hot switching my amp a problem?

A) NO, providing VOX is not used.
VOX operation should never be used in conjunction with power amplifiers.
Learn more about this, with screenshots in this article here which clearly demonstrate the timelines for keying and common digital modes.


Q) I don’t have a 23cm module. What do I need to do with the Multi-Send or IC-910 if I add the 23cm module later?

A) Nothing.
Multi-Send works with or without a 23cm module present. Multi-Send already has the 23cm output waiting ready for you.


Multi-Send Review by VK4CZ

VK4CZ was one of the first to obtain a Multi-Send kit, and offers the following testimonial.

  VK4CZ Multi-Send Review

Full instructions (as a PDF) are emailed to you, including comprehensive instructions on fitting the two resistors inside the IC-910.


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All kits sold out
Q) Will another batch become available?
A) No – this is a discontinued item