Here we take a look inside the FR632 5.8 GHz diversity 32 Channel Auto Scan LCD A/V Receiver obtained from the Hobby King AU Warehouse for just under AUD$75.


Described as:

First impressions: this is extremely well made.


The soldering nor SMD component placement cannot be faulted, and on a good quality printed circuit board.


Real switches are used:


Although not made available to the outside world, the RSSI from each receiver is available on PCB pads inside.


No-signal RSSI voltage measurement:

Full strength RSSI voltage measurement is just over 1 volt:

The black on green LCD is highly visible:


In this particular unit, the LCD module wasn’t aligned 100% correctly, and is rotated clockwise a bit relative to the PCB and bezel.
This does not affect the legibility though.


From actual flight comparisons using a 32 Channel FT-952 200 mW Video Transmitter, FR632 receiver sensitivity was found to be as good as my 7″ FPV screen with built-in 5.8 GHz diversity receivers.

The FR632 would make a fine receiver for a 5.8 GHz FPV ground station with diversity.