Interesting JT65 report

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Interesting JT65 report

Post by VK4WDM »

At 09:09 tonight VK4KSY reported KC8CCD on JT65 50.276MHZ. Probably a spurious decode in this case, but its wise not to rule anything out on the magic band.

Has anyone worked NA on 6m JT65? IMO it be worth a try in our mornings, the usual time slot for VK-NA openings?


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Re: Interesting JT65 report

Post by VK4UH »

Very Interesting

I note that KC8CCD is in the default callsign database in WSJT. I wonder if David 4KSY has "Deep Search" enabled

Might explain the possibility of a tangible but false decode?


Probably best to disable this function except for EME work

Its in dropdown menu "Decode" - "JT4 & JT65"- etc
Kevin (KJ) VK4UH
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