Association between 10 & 6m conditions.

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Association between 10 & 6m conditions.

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Hi All

The question was raised on ICHAT this morning: If there is good propagation on 10m can we expect that the same will develop on 6m, or are conditions of the two bands usually unrelated?

Long-term observations supported by log-book evidence would be good, and please be kind to each other.

I will keep my thoughts to myself until others have had a good go at it.


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Re: Association between 10 & 6m conditions.

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Well, Wayne, let me say: it depends. :shock:

1/ . . . on the source of propagation at any given time of observation (when you're on the air) - eg. F2 - TEP - Es, or the availability of a combination of them.

2/ . . . on your geomagnetic latitude and geographic longitude.

3/ . . . on the phase of the solar cycle (to a limited extent).

4/ . . . on the particular "conditions" prevailing at the time you're on the air.

I'll expand on that later, when I can squeeze a little more juice from the "available time" lemon. :wink:
73, Roger Harrison VK2ZRH

Re: Association between 10 & 6m conditions.

Post by VK2KRR »

Presume this is via Ionspheric propagation, I will say yes they are related.

6 just lags behind 10m due to the Ionospheric MUF (maximum usable freq).

If the MUF comes up enough 6 is usable and likewise if it further increases, so is 2m.. further likewise, so is 70cm.... :o

As the MUF increases, the skip distance of the lower band decreases (short skip), due to the Ionospheres increasing ability to bend the signals back toward earth with the increasing ionisation. So, short skip on 10 indicates 6m should be good, and short skip on 6m indicates possiblity of 2m paths etc.

Its easy to monitor this using WSPR, particularly when there are numerous stations in different locations available.

Each refraction from the Ionosphere has to have a high enough MUF for that particular band to complete the path.

But having said this, while the two are related, you CANT expect the same will develop on 6m as what you see on 10m, particularly on extended paths with multiple hops. If the MUF is up enough the whole way, then sure, no probs. If its not, then no way :thumbdown:
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