VK5RSB repeater

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VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK5MAT »

Hi all,

Just wondering if the 6m repeater at Summertown is used?
I've listened extensively, and put out calls on many occasions, but never heard a thing.

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Re: VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK5PJ »

usually by appointment it would seem, I used to call each time I was mobile in the ute but have stopped as it was extremely rare to ever hear anyone and here it I thought it was just my B.O stopping a reply :mrgreen:

Peter, vk5pj
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Re: VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK5QI »

Very, very rarely used. Most of us hang out on the VK5RSB 70cm repeater.

We've had vague discussions about linking the 6m and 23cm repeater. Would anyone be interested in this?

- Mark VK5QI
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Re: VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK5KK »

Hi Mark

VK5AKM, myself and a few others use the 23 cm repeater almost exclusively for liasion when out microwaving. Linking to the 6M repeater is an excellent idea extending the range. I did some random checks last time out and 5RSB 6M coverage is good into some tight spots in the Hills down south we use when working uWave East.

That aside would open up a new interest factor during Es season :-)


David VK5KK/3
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Re: VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK2GFR »

Not that it'll help you out locally... :(
But when conditions are favorably into your neck of the woods, I do listen for the repeaters as I only have FM mode. :D
However, main listen/hope/chat freq is always 52.525 FM. :wink:
Mark, VK2GFR
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Re: VK5RSB repeater

Post by VK5ZBR »

If we talk to Col nicely linking is really easy.

6M box has all the bit for linking built it. I also have a Xband controller in the shed that use to link 6 and 70cm together.

This box adds control to the link if wanted.

We need TX RX audio, PTT neg logic and SQL positive logic. Audio is at 0dbM.

Im for it and sounds like fun.

73's Adrian
73's adrian
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