For Sale

Icom IC-910H, comes with the following:

• UX-910 23cm 10W module

• CR-293 High Stability unit

• UT-106 DSP unit

• MB-23 Carry handle

• HM-36 Up/down mic

• Original Carton

• Original schematics & block diagrams

• DC Lead

• IC-910 Multi-Send Unit  – RARE!!!

• LCD contrast modification to optimise available contrast

• 144 MHz N connector (not SO-239)


This radio has not been used in the last 4 years due to my interests shifting elsewhere, so it’s time to say farewell and let somebody else enjoy using it.

In fact, this radio has NEVER been used for WSPR or any other activity that involves the radio running unattended for loooong hours.



The rubberised LCD to PCB connector strips have been cleaned.

The “two-resistor contrast modification” has been performed, so the available contrast  has been optimised.

* Do not buy a second hand IC-910 that has accumulated long running hours, as the LCD will have limited life left, and the radio’s useability will be substantially compromised.

* Be aware of high photo angles by unscrupulous sellers – my video was recorded at normal operating height.


Note:  Before/after photo below taken at a low angle to emphasise the improvement – normal operating height is higher:


Pre-purchase inspection welcome – SW Brisbane suburbs.

Prefer local pickup, but shipping can be arranged at your expense.

(Suggest Australia Post parcel service)

Non smoker, so there is no disgusting smell of cigarette smoke!


For avoidance of doubt: This item was sold in March 2018.


IC-910 Multi-send project:

CR-293 High Stab video: