Based on the highly regarded PE1RKI power amplifier module, this is a fully assembled and tested – ready to use – 150 watt 1296 MHz power amplifier being offered for sale.

Ideal with Icom IC-910 10W class transceiver.

• 150 watt PE1RKI module ($430)
• N connectors
• Meanwell SE-24-450 24V 450W power supply, set at 27V ($170)
• IEC mains connector + 3AG fuse
• ARS-BPR-01N 20-32V DC-2.2 GHz 300W N High Power Coaxial Relay ($108)
• Dowkey 401 SMA fail-safe 28V relay ($50)
• 1/4″ copper heat spreader, machined face ($40)
• Heatsink, 12 V Muffin fan ($16)
• UT-141 semi-rigid coax
• Illuminated mains power switch
• Illuminated disable/enable switch
• Separate receive path ready
• 12V change-over ready
• Attractive 2 RU rack case
• Rubber feet

For safety, 240 volt mains wiring is heatshrinked.

1/4″ copper heat spreader and heatsink provides sufficient cooling alone for low duty cycle use, such as conversational SSB.

The inclusion of a 12V muffin fan ensures the power amplifier module will run cool with higher duty cycle modes.

A fan thermostat switch could always be added.

12 V rocker change-over switch has been added, for use when there is no mains power available.


A 12-28V DC-DC converter is required to complete this functionality, so that the two 28V relays can be switched.

These are low cost, and readily available on eBay:

Amplifier provides approx 50W out powered by external 13.8V supply.


Dowkey microwave SMA relay used on input side, ACE 300 W 2.2 GHz transfer relay used on output:

ACE transfer relays have excellent isolation and minimal insertion loss, as detailed here:


Module Test Results from PE1RKI:

Cost of parts alone exceeds $1,000
Lovingly assembled: priceless ;-

A shift in priorities and being QRT since 2014 has meant this power amplifier has had almost zero use.

ie: It has not been flogged at all, and should be considered as being brand new.


For longevity and increased reliability, the PSU is deliberately set to 27 volts, not 28 volts.

This results in ~ 130 W output when driven by an IC-910.

You can always turn up the PSU (trimpot setting) to 28V, however.


For Sale: $850, as new

(Compare this to USD$1700 + shipping for a W6PQL 150W 23cm power amplifier)

Ready to use – plug ‘n play

Item location: Brisbane SW suburbs.

Personal inspection welcome.

Can be shipped to you at your expense.


For avoidance of doubt: This item was sold in March 2018.