How to interface your Eltek Flatpack2 to the outside world?

To prevent re-inventing the wheel, several options already exist and looking on we find;


One thing we discover is, ebay cannot count to five properly!

A subtle change in search terms can reveal alternatives, such as the board from Slovenia;

Search results can be inconsistent, even when using the same search terms, with repeated searches.

Also consider regional variants of ebay, such as


Be aware that most of these boards will make the overall depth of the assembly too great to mount inside commonly available 19″ rack enclosures.

Zeroing a ruler at the front of the FP2;


The depth of this board;


Another board I have here is slightly shorter;

Side by side;

The blue board on the right comes from Mike, an Aussie seller in South Australia.
Mike only charges AUD$15 including postage within Australia, and this represents a great deal.
If there is zero stock at the time you are looking, contact Mike to register your interest.


Most of these boards offer connectivity options for mains input and DC output.

Many will accommodate the 120 ohm terminating resistor.


If enclosure depth is critical, look for a low profile board;

Or, create your own.

There is nothing special, as these boards are bog standard 1.6mm FR4 board.

Ensure you get at least a 2oz, preferably 3oz, copper coating however to handle the output current.


Alternatively, another enclosure could be grafted onto the rear of your rack mount case to act as a shroud over the protruding Flatpack2 interface board.


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