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An intelligent, fully configurable, sequencer for the Icom IC-9700.

• 2.4″ touchscreen GUI: control your sequencer just like you do with your IC-9700

• 4 -stage sequencer

• 10 relay outputs (3 x PA, 3 x LNA, 3 x ANT, 1 x transverter mode)

• Plug ‘n play – no soldering or modification required to your IC-9700 – does not harm your warranty

• CI-V control

• Extensive SET menu

• Delays adjustable between 10-999ms in 1mS steps (fully configurable per band)

• PA relays for each band (144M, 432M, 1200M)

• LNA relays for each band (144M, 432M, 1200M)

• Antenna port switching relays for each band (144M, 432M, 1200M)

  Antenna switching is ideal for automatically feeding a transverter on port 2, or switching between a yagi and vertical

• PA/LNA/ANT relay outputs:  switch to ground or +12V, selectable by internal jumpers

• Relay switching: configurable within frequency limits (fully configurable per band)

• Transverter mode: display offset, automatic TX RF power reduction

• Transverter relay: isolated NO contacts available to switch your transverter system


• Easy no solder relay interface to the outside world via a DB15 breakout adapter (supplied)

• Roger Beep:  OFF, short beep, long beep, “K”, choice of AF frequency

• Audio Beacon Generator: dit-dit, dit-dah, dah-dit, dah-dah, choice of AF frequency, choice of duration, speed: 7-20 WPM

• Activate IC-9700 Voice Keyers 1-4

• Screen Saver:  OFF, 1-999 minutes

• Screen brightness adjustable: 2-100%

• Satellite Modes supported : OFF, Sub Band TX, VU, UV, LV, LU

• Transmit Power Level table: separate configurable power levels for “normal”, PA drive, and transverter mode per band.

   When used with your defined freq limits, never overdrive your PAs or transverter ever again!


• On-board USB Mini-B interface for digital mode TR switching

• Mic Mute: ON/OFF with PC keying – no need to unplug your microphone during digital mode operation

• Foot switch input

• ALC protection loop-back

• IC-9700 internal [TRANSMIT] button supported

• IC-9700 internal VOX supported, but not recommended

• CW break-in (normal/fast) is NOT supported – use a foot switch instead

• Momentarily turn off any active LNAs – ideal for comparison purposes

• Momentarily switch antenna ports – ideal for comparison purposes

• Frequency colour and font: configurable any colour, 2 font choices

• Frequency decimal places: configurable 3 or 4

• “Idiot Proof” mode to overcome CI-V limitations

• Context sensitive help screens



SEQ-9700/10 is planned to come in a laser-cut powder-coated steel case, similar to a “Rigblaster”.


Fully assembled and tested – plug ‘n play

Comes with:

• ACC connector lead

• CI-V lead

• DB15 breakout adapter

• Touchscreen stylus


The SEQ-9700/10 has been designed to maximise the value and enjoyment you get out of your IC-9700 transceiver .


More than a sequencer.